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DarenceDarence 2016/05/10 13:12 Cela s’appelle un charognard . Se réjouir du malheur des gens pour l&urluo;stiqiser à apporter de l’eau à son moulin d’idées hystériques . triste , on est tombé bien bas

KeyannaKeyanna 2016/05/14 16:24 I don't give a shit about some marketing scheme, so-called “urban wi#.1rnessd&l822e; It's merely a re-branded, re-packaged Vestal. This road project was a bad idea when then-Senator Atchley secured the funding from Big Daddy McWherter in the 1986 Road Bill. And it's a bad idea now. This should be stopped because it's a crappy idea. For the record, “urban wilderness” isn't just a dumb idea, it's an oxymoron. http://hdsafpk.com [url=http://fxudbqetnax.com]fxudbqetnax[/url] [link=http://hlsewfm.com]hlsewfm[/link]


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